Express English – Romanian Translations

About Us

Napoca Translations is a translation business conceived to facilitate direct communication between translator and client. We want to make it as simple as possible to communicate and, at the same time, carefully control each work process. We strive to achieve excellence, and this is why we focus on a very specific type of translations which we have mastered in time. We offer express English translation services for legal and technical texts.

Meet Our Team

Daria Condor, Founder

Senior Translator, certified by the Ministry of Culture in 2013. Sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice in March 2014. Member of Translators Association, Society of Authors, Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, and the International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

Daria Condor

Oana Cristorean, Terminology Advisor

Oana Cristorean

LL. B., specialist in sustainable development law, engineering, and economy. Prior work experience in public administration and PR. Vice-President of Centrul de Cercetări în Dreptul Proprietății Intelectuale „Aurelian Ionașcu” [NGO specialized in research on intellectual property law].

What Can You Expect from Us?

We Communicate Openly

You can contact us at any time via telephone (0743936307) or online to discuss the status of your project or to request additional information. Even though this is a rare occurrence, we are not afraid to let you know about any potential problems. We’d rather work together to find a solution than hide behind false promises.

We Like Challenges

Is your translation project large, or perhaps you need your translation done quickly? Our favorites are technical user manuals, but we don’t shy away from contracts or marketing texts (which we can localize or even write from scratch – one of our translators has a valid Content Marketing Certificate from HubSpot). Our only requirement is that you let us know exactly what you need, without omitting anything important.

We Like Everything to Be Clear from the Start

It is important that we agree on the conditions of our collaboration from the very beginning. Please be clear about the deadline and any other requirements you may have. Should anything come up during a project, like a change in the expected due date for the translation project, please do let us know as soon as possible. We specialize in meeting tight deadlines, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your new requirement, however the chances of achieving this very much depend on being informed in due time.

We Love Innovative Projects

Is your project innovative, the likes of which have never been seen? Contact us and we will do our best to help. We are always happy to be a part of new and exciting projects.

How Can You Begin Working with Us?

  • Contact us
  • We establish the details of your project
  • We work our magic
  • We deliver the project
  • Feel free to contact us should you require further assistance (extra copies, notarized translations, etc.)

How Can You Find Us?

You can contact us by phone (including WhatsApp and Telegram).